News regarding the Ultimate Survivalcraft site

Hello everyone! I’m sure some of you might have tried to access my website today, only to find out it is down. It has so many visitors that it keeps over using it’s CPU.  It won’t be back up until about 10pm tonight.

The bad news is that if it keeps on over using it’s CPU, it will be permanently suspended, and I won’t be able to get it back. I’m not trying to remove some of you visitors, so please keep coming! But I am going to have to make a few changes.

For one thing, I’m probably going discontinue the social networking features, including friends, activity feeds, private messenging and more. This also means that there will no longer be a members page.

Also, I may stop doing the community blog thing directly on my website. The current blog on it will probably be just news, tips and other information from me, and maybe a select few authors.

But there will probably still be a community blog, right here on Survival Jaguar. I will probably transfer some of the posts from there to over here, and you will be authors here.

Both websites will be linked to each other. For example you can visit the forums or wiki on Ultimate Survivalcraft from here, or the community blog from there.

I’m also probably going to remove some smaller features. I’ll provide more information later.

Happy Survivalcrafting,

Jonathan Garmon


7 thoughts on “News regarding the Ultimate Survivalcraft site”

  1. Hey, Jonathan. I’ve made my final decision. Is it OK if you can carry over stuff on my blog to your site? If so, how?

    Also, what did you use for the self hosting? I’d like to set up a site.

  2. Jonathan is the server in your laptop? Discontinuing services isn’t good, Especially big features.

    1. No, it’s not on my laptop. My laptop doesn’t have enough CPU. I’m using Byethost, witch is a free hosting service. I don’t have any money to get a real web host. Of course, being free, it has very limited resources.

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