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Newville 2 in progress

I’m currently rebuilding the village since I feel the buildings are a bit small, and the houses are too close together. I’ll probably be spending this January building it and maybe it will be released sometime in February. If you have any suggestions on what I should put in the village let me know in the comments.


Updated Newville!

I’ve updated Newville and added things to do.
1. Search for 3 wood and 2 sticks, then build an axe on the nearest workbench.
2. Gather enough wood to build a pickaxe and shovel.
3. Find the red X out of town. Use your pickaxe to break the X. Enter the passage. You will find a compass.
4. Use the compass to pin point the missing magnet. Open the chest beside the magnet and take the bow and arrows.
5. Shoot the target to uncover a hidden passage.
6. When you’re done, you can do whatever you want to do next.
Enjoy! 🙂

Note: If you mess up in the world, you might need to pause the game and press Reset Adventure.